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Free Software

Read before download:

All the software's and all the applications listed on this site for download are free, internal developed, and they are all safe to be used.
Due to the fact that this software's are internal developed and are not signed by a well known company, on the first run after download some security warnings may occur, this warnings can be ignored and the software's can be run without any risk or concerns.
For your peace of mind after download before utilisation you can scan the application file with any antivirus software that you want or upload them to a web dedicated page for advanced scanning.
This software's are designed to work as Stand-Alone application and made to run without local program files installation on any Windows PC environment with minimal hardware resources and without the need to install additional software's.
For the development of these software's, different programming languages have been used with the aim of presenting some simple and useful applications intended for the professional environment but also for the individual use and fun.
After download you can run this applications from any local folder, from a USB drive or CD/DVD environment.

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